The Beginners Guide to Buying Bitcoin using the Square Cash App

Setup a Cash App account and start buying Bitcoin today!

This is the exhaustive guide for buying Bitcoin using the Square Cash app. We will go over each step and what you’ll need to do. Note, this has a know your customer (KYC) process that gets pretty involved, so be ready for that. Also, if you’re new to Bitcoin, it’s advisable that you should transfer your Bitcoin to a hardware wallet, such as a Ledger Nano X, or some other non custodial wallet. You can learn more about that with a quick google search, but this tutorial is just to get you started with buying Bitcoin so let’s get started!

(This was written as of 9/15/2019, Use this app at your own risk!)

Step 1: Download Square Cash app from App Store or Play Store

For this step, be sure you’re downloading the correct app, as of now it looks like:

Cash app iOS

Step 2: Provide Your Phone Number or email Address

Step 3: Verify The Code sent to your phone number or emial

Step 4: Add Bank Information Using Debit Card

Step 5: Enter first and last name

Step 6: Create Cashtag $

Step 7: On the welcome screen, click the icon on the top left

Step 8: (optional) Invite Friends to use Cash app

Step 9: On the Cash App accounts screen click on the BTC Bitcoin icon

(Optional) To earn $5 you can use my referral code SCLSXPK after clicking on the upper left icon, on the account screen scroll down to Referral Code and enter SCLSXPK 

Step 10: At the Cash App Bitcoin account screen click on ‘Buy’

Step 11: (optional) add Face ID

Step 12: Verify first and last name

Step 13: Add your date of birth

Step 14: add the last 4 of your SSN

Step 15: Scan your ID

Step 16: You’ll need to scan both sides of your Drivers License

Step 17: Authorize the bank you’d like to buy Bitcoin with

Step 18: Back at the Bitcoin screen, enter the amount of BTC you’d like

Step 19: Verify ID (follow prompts)

Step 20: You’ll receive a verification Text

Step 21: Verify amount and click Confirm

Step 22: You’ll see the ‘You purchased’ prompt

Step 23: Enable Bitcoin Withdraws for Cash App

Step 24: More KYC for withdraws (only need to do this once)

Step 25: Select ‘reason’ you use Bitcoin (doesn’t matter)

Step 26: Enter main source of income

Step 27: Select employment status

Step 28: Enter job title

Step 29: Enter name of employer

Step 30: Take a selfie

Step 31: You should receive this prompt

Step 32: Once Cash App verifies you, you’re able to withdraw Bitcoin!

Step 33: Go back to your Bitcoin Wallet in the Cash App

Step 34: If you choose to withdraw, you can do so now

Step 35: After selecting withdraw amount,you can send to address by scanning QR code, or copy/paste the destination address

That’s it, You can now use the Cash App to Buy/Sell Bitcoin!

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